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We are a NEVER KILL rescue with up to 204 dog- beds, always running at or near capacity. We are NOT a "network" or a "virtual" rescue. We take in any surrender regardless of pedigree, medical or behavioral problems, illness or injury. We pay rent for our kennel, utilities, 200 lbs. of dog food per day, custodial employee wages, vet bills for 200 dogs and most importantly provide a safe, warm, environment for life, if necessary.

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Terry is lovable and sweet.

O.K. The nice people at Chihuahua Rescue rescued me and now they want me to tell all of you about the real Pugglesworth because they want me to get a great home with great new parents and maybe even some sisters and brothers. Here it goes. I am, in my opinion, and between you and me, a lot of other people's opinion, one of the most awesome doggies ever. That's right. I know I sound conceded but everybody who meets me tells me I am awesome. And it gets even better. If you adopt me, you will not only get a Chihuahua but also a Pug. That's right. You get two for one. And, I won't even go there because I got so much love to give I can't even stand it. So, come by and check me out. Hold me a little and see how cuddly I am. Kiss me a little and see me smile. But get ready to get your face wet 'cause I'm gonna smack some kisses right back at you. For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area and want to adopt me so they can brag to their friends and relatives about the most awesome dog ever, when you fill out the application, put Pugglesworth as the doggie you want to adopt. But make sure you live in Los Angeles 'cause Chihuahua Rescue only adopts out to the Los Angeles area. Thanks and I hope to be yours soon!

This sweetheart, obviously malnourished, was dropped off here, petrified and in shock. he is fattening up and coming out of his shell here at Chihuahua Rescue.

This is Preston, he's a really sweet guy. Quiet and well mannered.

My name is Campi.I'll get right to the point. I'm a biter. I only like women I don't like men or kids. And oh yeah, I don't like other dogs either. You might say I'm no bargain but I think I'm special in my own way. Aside from my very strict requirements, I need love too Only those experienced, patient & loving need apply. In other words, a saint. Lastly, I'm a boy wearing the pink collar my foster mom picked out, so bite me if you don't like it ;)

Mom (adopted)and son were left here. They are still in shock, but are two very sweet dogs who should respond well to therapy and be ready for adoption soon.

Lucky needs heart surgery for his enlarged heart and failing mitral valve. Blood backs up in his heart causing poor circulation that results in confusion, fainting, and lack of blood to his extremities. Eventually, these episodes will cause irreparable brain damage. Lucky is only two years old and will probably not survive much longer without surgery.

We have to pay for our vet services and medications just like everyone else & every dollar helps.

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