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We are a NEVER KILL rescue with up to 204 dog- beds, always running at or near capacity. We are NOT a "network" or a "virtual" rescue. We take in any surrender regardless of pedigree, medical or behavioral problems, illness or injury. We pay rent for our kennel, utilities, 200 lbs. of dog food per day, custodial employee wages, vet bills for 200 dogs and most importantly provide a safe, warm, environment for life, if necessary.

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Stunning & studly Hercules. A smarter and more noble guy you won't find.

Hello all of you nice people out there. As you can see, I am one good-looking pup. You are probably wondering what I am doing on Chihuahua Rescue's website. Most of the regulars know that Chihuahua Rescue does not only adopt Chihuahuas. If you don't, well, I will tell you. I have been living at Chihuahua Rescue for about a month. I must say, it is never a dull moment and though they do have lots of great Chihuahuas (I have made some wonderful friends), they also have other doggies, too. Enough with the small name is Turtle and I can assure you, it is NOT because I am slow. I am fast, very fast. You turn your head for a brief moment and I can give you a good 100 kisses. I love to play, too. I love all people and animals. What can I say but I am perfect. I know I am avoiding the subject of not being a pure +-Chihuahua but I am hoping that you will give me a chance anyway. I will probably grow to be about 25 pounds, but that is just more of me to love...right? I wish I could tell you what kind of puppy I am but I was taken away from my mommy and my daddy at a very young age. I almost died at the shelter but some nice worker called up Chihuahua Rescue and bragged about me. I do have demodectic mange. (I promise, it is not contagious) and that just makes me more lovable. So, in a turtle shell (I had to throw that in), I hope you will come down to Chihuahua Rescue and ask to see me. I would really like that because I love people and I would love somebody to take me home and just kiss me forever. For those of you who are filling out an application and live in the Los Angeles area, don't forget to mention me...Turtle.

Gorgeous boy, sad with abandonment issues, but very sweet.

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