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Faith in America's young people restored...BIG THANKS TO H.A.P.E for working so hard and being so nice to our dogs at Chihuahua Rescue. Click for full story...

Chihuahua Rescue Country Daze Carnival Pictures!

BF La brea Faire pics

Click for BF LAX Super Adoption pics!

(Rose Bowl Adoption Faire more Expo pics)

Best Friends spring Gala Expo pics! Thanks for coming out- the dogs had a great time meeting you all!

Little Kona has had his 3rd and final surgery. Due to the extensive nerve, bone and vascular damage sustained from being hit by multiple cars, Kona was fitted with external fixators on his left rear leg and hip in an orthopedic surgical effort to save his leg. Unfortunately, despite a heroic effort by our vet, his progress was reassessed and the surgeon determined that the leg was too far damaged to regain any use of it and amputation was the only option for him to lead a normal life. Fortunately, dogs can and do adapt very well to loss of a limb.
Kona's surgery was documented for use in veterinary education and the pictures of the surgery (special thanks to Fabian & Heather who so expertly documented Kona's surgery) can be found on the following linked page,
but please be advised that these photos are of a highly graphic nature depicting actual major surgery on a dog and may be extremely disturbing to some people and children under 17. Click here to see Kona's actual surgery

MADONNA DUMPS HER CHIHUAHUAS...Click here for complete details. Please help us stop the senseless and tragic suffering and death of so many Chihuahuas every day. Help stop the objectification of this noble, loyal and intelligent breed as being regarded as a mere fashion accessory to simply be discarded upon the arrival of a next trend.

The tougher the guy, the more he loves the Chihuahua. Actor Mickey Rourke stops by and meets and greets Janet's dog and Chihuahua Rescue Ambassador, Stuart Little at the Adoption Expo. See the pics..

HOWie finally lives up to his name (Hell On Wheels) thanks to a generous and thoughtful surprise gift to him from Barbra. Howie, as you may remember, survived a murder attempt when he was seen being placed in a box with his brother, then the owner backed up over the dogs with his truck and sped off. Howie, who is currently is being fostered in the suburbs survived, but is paraplegic. Howie, who can hold his own among other able- bodied dogs including being able to traverse small steps and negotiate doggie doors, could never be walked on a sidewalk because of his disabilty and poor, ill- fitting apparatus. Thanks, Barbra for your loving gesture. We still have hundreds of dogs in need and we rely on private donations to exist. Please help.


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