Pauley Perrette with Spirit the wolf-hybrid and other friends at Chihuahua Rescue

Great friend of animals great and small, Pauley Perrette is not afraid to work in the trenches to help abused, abandoned and neglected dogs at Chihuahua Rescue.

Here she is helping with various new surrenders who came in through or intake process including, "Spirit," who is defintiely not a Chihuahua, but is a stunning pure white wolf-hybrid. Spirit was turned in by a well-known music industry artist because Spirit was reportedly constantly getting attacked by the entertainer's other dogs and "he wouldn't fight back." Fortunately, the entertainer who shall not be named, had the good judgement to think of our Rescue as a safe haven where to surrender Spirit. UPDATE: Spirit was adopted out to a loving couple who live in a spacious property in the mountains where he roon to run and play and is recieving lots of love and attention.


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