Chihuahua Rescue, Burbank Medical & Special- Needs Page

The most affectionate and loving- soft girl in the world, Almond Joy. She suffers from recurring tumors and recently underwent major abdominal surgery to remove 3 golf ball- size tumors that were encroaching on internal organs and structures. She came out of surgery fine and besides being a little miffed at having a belly full of staples, Almond is recovering slowly, but surely. An operation of this intensity can be a challenge to even the most skilled surgeon and is compounded by her small size and advanced age, so we're all cautiously delighted with her progress.

A little princess like Almond, who would have surely been euthanized under the best of any other circumstances, has been given a chance she would not have had otherwise. Each "extra" day that she is alive is a gift. She feels and expresses love. She knows she is protected, warm and safe. She knows she will never be discarded or tormeneted. The gift that she gives is what defines us as human beings when she, in her unique way, rubs her head against you to get your attention. When you look down and see her, you can't resist to bend down and soothe and pet her. That is what makes us human.

Little Wendy is in need of surgery to remove the enormous tumor on her front left leg.

Sonny was hit by a car and abandoned, left to die in the street.
 Sonny needs surgery to repair his badly damaged leg.


Please adopt a rescue dog - bever buy from pet shops or breeders