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(continued from home page)...were real pennies and real marbles...among other things. My previous owners panicked and did not know what to do at first because I was in pain...lots and lots of pain. I was making this weird noise from the pain. People told me I sounded like a little chicken. I was afraid. I was taken to an emergency hospital and I was hoping they would help me. But they couldn't because my previous owners did not have the few hundred dollars to put down to treat me. So we all left and I continued to suffer. The next day my previous owners, who were still panicking because none of us were able to sleep that night, drove me to Chihuahua Rescue. Chihuahua Rescue is a nonprofit licensed kennel who survives solely on donations. The volunteers hearts went out to me as soon as they saw me and told my previous owners that they would take care of me. Immediately, they drove me to the vet who informed Chihuahua Rescue that I needed surgery. My chances of survival were slim and the price of the surgery would be in the thousands. If I were to make it, it would cost even thousands more. But if I did make it, I could end up living a long normal life. Chihuahua Rescue did not think twice about paying and all they cared about was for me to get better. So, the surgery was done and it was a success. But I still have a long way to go and that is why I am asking you to help Chihuahua Rescue with my enormous vet bills. Please help them. Even if you can only afford a few dollars, it will help. Thank you. Love, Lexi.

P.S. I will make sure Chihuahua Rescue updates my condition every week. Oh, and please come by Chihuahua Rescue to meet me in person. I think you will be very impressed with my progress.

August 12, 2005- Lexi is physically stable, but still shows persistent signs of brain damage and requires syringe feeding. New pics coming soon.
April 3, 2005 - Lexi is improving each and every day. She is completely over her cold and she seems to have a 'bigger' appetite. She thanks everybody for their continued support and says if you are in the Southern California area to please come down on adoption day and visit her. Lexi still needs medical care so please continue to send your donations on her behalf. Thank you
UPDATE- March 14 She is doing well and is back at the kennel. CR volunteers continue to feed her every four hours and Lexi is making remarkable progress. Lexi will be here on Saturday to 'meet and greet' people.
UPDATE- WEEK OF 3-7. Lexi was doing well, eating on her own, but subsequently developed serious pneumonia. She was returned to ICU and is day- to- day. We are up to our necks in vet bills from being inundated with sick and injured animals in the last 6 weeks. We take animals no one else will touch with a ten foot pole. Please help us help these dogs. Every penny goes to dog bills. We do not receive compensation for our work.
UPDATE: 2-27-05 Lexi is back at our infirmiry and is stable after being readmitted to ICU. She is still not out of the woods, but we are cautiously hopeful and many are praying for her.
UPDATE : 2.22.05

For an 8 week old, 1 1/2 lb. puppy to survive the major surgery Lexi did is amazing and a testament to both her surgeon and Lexi's spirit and will to live. All of us here are deeply in love with this little dog.

After she stopped eating, a capable volunteer began administering syringe feedings in an attempt to sustain her, but it rapidly became apparent that something else wasn't right inside. She has been admitted back into ICU for further diagnostics. Updates will be psoted here as soon as we receive them.

UPDATE : 2.19.05: Defying odds, Lexi returns from intensive care back to Chihuahua Rescue for her convalescence.

Chihuahu Recsue spends tens of thousands of dollars every year on veterinary care to treat sick and injured dogs. We have never turned away an injured dog regardless of breed, age, pedigree or behavior. Some months, such as this one, our vet bill skyrockets. We need your help to be able to do this kind of invervention.

UPDATE 2: Lexi has miraculously survived her surgery. Our vet removed a marble, two buttons and several coins. However,she is still on an IV in critical condition from the toxic poisoning.Lexi's vet bill is over $1,000 a day. This includes the intensive care that she is receiving at the emergency hospital every night where she is transferred to until the next morning. Then she goes back to her day vet. She was only given a forty percent chance to live but several days later, our vets are more optimistic.

UPDATE 1: Lexi, purebred pup, is surrendered after ingesting numerous foreign objects and family does not want to deal with it. *(QuickTime required)

Chihuahua Rescue Home