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About Chihuahuas...

The Chihuahua, the most ancient canine breed in the North American Continent, traces its origins back approximately 3,000 years. In its infancy as a breed, the Chihuahua was kept as companion dog of Aztecan royalty- analogous to the reverence of cats in the parallel Egyptian culture of the Pharaohs. These dogs were mummified with their royal masters and depicted in glyphs and artworks of the vast and cultural advanced Aztec era. indicative

Chihuahuas were companions to kings, which explains their noble, fiercely loyal and possessive attachment to their masters, which perseveres to this day along with the same alertness, devotion and intelligence. The Chihuahua of 3,000 years ago was a slightly larger dog, but breeding down for small size as lap dogs took hold in earnest around the turn of the century when they began to become fashionable as pets.

Their popularity waxed and waned as different dogs came in and out vogue through the decades, but the Chihuahua, for obvious reasons of cuteness, compactness sheer charm has made it a perennial favorite of many media including advertising, movies and as fashion statements or "accessories."

Unfortunately, with this notoriety, comes a price. A painful and all- too- often heart- wrenching price. The fact that Chihuahuas are so popularized by these outlets makes them slaves to the whim of fadish consumers. The demand fuels supply which starts with the AKC breeder who breeds and sells way more puppies than he possibly could think are being entered into competition. No, the vast majority of AKC breeders' "stock" goes to- you guessed it- other breeders. These casual "backyard breeders" range from high- output puppy mills that feed pet stores to people selling puppies out of a box on the sidewalk.

The problems caused by breeders is painful and gut- wrenching. The Chihuahua, the most vulnerable and smallest of dogs, is a prime and defenseless target for abuse and neglect. Overbreeding causes dogs with congenital defects, which leads to more Chihuahuas being "disposed of" in streets, along freeways, dumpsters...and worse.

We deal with the aftermath and work to heal their little broken lives... and hearts, and ensure it never happens again.


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