Best Friends Adoption Fair

Nov 6th & 7th

Yet another successful event! Almost 30 dogs & puppies had an outing at the fair.

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Petey picks out his own human to go home with.

Day 2 for the puppies. Since it was damp, they got extra blankets and etc.

More walkies!

Cool dude Weston. Taking in the scene with his usual aplomb. He had great fun meeting all the people and dogs, big and little.

We met actor/writer/model Ted Haler who showed us how his chi rode with him everywhere in his special bag. He would walk into the bag while on the ground and then Ted would put the bag on. If he was riding the bicycle, the bag went on the back. If Ted was riding his motorcycle, the bag went in the front. What a lucky dog!

People wonder why we never pack up at closing time. The reason is because visitors keep coming to us and filling out applications and talking to the volunteers. Usually everyone else around us is gone before we can get a chance to start packing up.

Flipper's 15 minutes of fame! Best Friends had filmed the event for a documentary and Flipper gets interviewed!

Yoda surveys the packing from his comfy spot under the table. He was perhaps a little sad that the fair was over.

Ok load us up! We're ready to go home!

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