In loving memory of beautiful girl Sophie
Milo (aka Pumpkin) has passed away. Everything was done to try and keep Milo alive. This was especially devastating to Chihuahua Rescue because Milo was very special and had overcome some rough obstacles. The vets worked very hardon Milo and were optimistic that he would make it and live a long life. Unfortunately, the odds were not in Milo's favor and when he was hit by a car, he had sustained injuries that were not originally detected and could not be detected by the MRI or x-rays. In any event, our thoughts and prayers go out to Milo's wonderful parents. Chihuahua Rescue will always remember the first time Milo set eyes on them. It was definitely love at first sight, or should we say 'kisses' at first sight. Milo did not have a mean bone in his body. Eventhough he only had control of three legs, he walked as if he had ten. He was wonderful, just wonderful and again, will be surely missed.
Taylor, was found wandering a busy L.A. street, starving and sick.
The vet estimates him to be 10 years old and un- neutered. This is how breeders say "thanks" to their "stock."